Thursday, June 11, 2020

7500 rupees are being given free to every citizen of the country, know what is the .

7500 rupees are being given free to every citizen of the country, know what is the ..

Rumors continue amid rising cases of coronavirus. Every citizen of the country is getting Rs 7,500 for free. A message is going viral on social media platform WhatsApp, claiming that a relief fund of Rs 7,500 is being given to every citizen free of cost. The virus claims in the message that the FG Lockdown Fund is giving people relief funds. People are being paid.
7500 rupees are being given free to every citizen of the country, know what is the ..

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This viral message has been proven to be fake in PIB Fact Check, so beware of such message, otherwise you may suffer a big loss.

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Apart from this, another message is going viral in which college students are being given scholarships of Rs 10,000. It is claimed that the government is giving scholarships of Rs 10,000 to college students through National Scholarship 2020.

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